Bettee Boosters DVD Vol. 1

Bettee Boosters Vol. 1 - Bettee's recipe for Happiness and Success!


Let's clean the slate from yesterday. Erase all negative events and move forward into a positive frame of mind. Refresh your emotions by forgiving yourself and others for mistakes and wrongdoings. Take it to another level, the past is what it is -THE PAST! FEEL YOUR ENERGY LEVEL RISE!

Don’t try to live your whole life in one day! Take each day and each challenge as it comes. EVERY problem is only temporary. This is the only day that counts so let's make it a GREAT one!

Set the tone for each new day before you even get out of bed! Visualize yourself as strong, in control and capable of making good decisions. Your intuition is sky high, right now! BELIEVE IT AND IT WILL BE TRUE!

Congratulate yourself for every step forward and positive thought you have. Used to looking in the mirror and criticizing yourself? Well, criticize no more! Compliment yourself on your good hair day, admire the way your skin looks, and celebrate that pound you’ve lost. Every day you are becoming more self confident and happy.

Give each day your all…and then let it go. You’re going to start fresh again tomorrow. THERE'S SOMETHING MAGICAL IN LETTING GO!

Negative thoughts accomplish absolutely nothing. Cleansing negativity from your consciousness opens the gateway for positive thoughts to flood through! - You will feel calmer and more relaxed. Then you can sit back and watch the positive events unfold in your life. YOU DESERVE IT!

Be positive about yourself AND others. You can reach the HIGHEST HEIGHTS by accepting people as they are. There will always be negative remarks from unhappy people. Don’t take their nastiness to heart. The only approval you need is your own. Be your own best friend and advocate. The love and support of your family and friends is an extra blessing to be grateful for.

Reward yourself for how great you’re doing. You're worth it, and boy have you earned it! Buy yourself a new outfit, treat yourself to an afternoon at the spa, forget the dishes and curl up with a good book. Whatever makes you feel good – do it! Pick up some travel magazines and start fantasizing about a luxurious week of pampering. Or, picture yourself happier, visualize more romance in your life, see yourself in that new job or back in school. Whatever you want, make a clear picture of it in your head. Most importantly, predict inner peace. FORECAST YOUR OWN BRIGHT FUTURE.

Laughter is life’s most important ingredient. PUT SOME FUN IN YOUR DAY! Smile more regularly, go for a walk or read a book. Don't always be serious. LIFE IS MEANT TO BE LIVED. Even when you don’t feel like smiling – fake it ‘til you make it! You’ll be surprised at how quickly you’ll perk up and that smile will become real. Try it!

You can only get 50% of the world's approval, so the heck with the rest of them. WHO REALLY GIVES A DARN!

Life has a way of sorting itself out, so don’t age yourself by getting stressed out over things you can’t control. The doors of opportunity are blasting open for you.