About Catherine

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Catherine is my daughter. My right hand girl, partner, promoter, secretary, and personal assistant, an extension of myself - a mini me! I guess I knew what I was doing back in 1970 when I gave birth to her! "Catherine Giles-Roman is a highly gifted young woman, with extremely clear intuition, superior business sense. She is an extremely loving, caring, wonderful, special, giving person."

Catherine has worked with me off and on since the age of 15, actually, since she was only 8. Answering the phone and booking appointments at a young age, dealing with people, solving their questions and calming their fears.

Catherine has been with me throughout the creation and growth of this business. We have a very distinguished international clientele which Catherine greets and cares for with benevolence and compassion - Remarkably she knows everyone on a personal first name basis. They all love talking with her, and I am constantly told how much enjoyment my clients get from her motivated/super friendly, sweet and caring demeanor. Catherine is able to recognize those with special individual needs and even strives to help them off the clock. Catherine is so tuned in, she is assessing the issues with our clients even before I get the chance to talk with them. She is extraordinary at assessing impressions and applying her knowledge to guide others through crisis and difficulty. Her counsel has grown, matured and developed into a very special gift.

A little shyness early on in life, Catherine has never really been comfortable sharing her caring ways with the public. But, if I have taken ill, or am away on holiday or business, my clients have always received great comfort and guidance from her. Now she’s very much unstoppable and I can take a break knowing everthing is in excellent hands.

Catherine has molded our corporation into a new age power house. We are so en vogue, we now consult via email, web cam, - every modern way possible. So, we are a mother/daughter team, The Dynamic Duo! And like a fine wine, we only get better with age!